Catalysis and Peptide Research Unit

Our group was established in January 2007.  The projects are a cauldron of interests from each PI.

Thavi Govender - Asymmetric catalysis, Analytical chemistry and medicinal chemistry

Gert Kruger - Polycyclic cage chemistry, NMR structure elucidation and computational chemistry

Glenn Maguire - Cavitand chemistry and crystallography

Per Arvidsson - Chemical biology and asymmetric synthesis (see also homepage)

Tricia Naicker - Asymmetric catalysis and NMR spectroscopy

Bahareh Honarparvar - Computational Chemistry

Sooraj Baijnath - Pharmacology and mass spectrometry

  Congratulations to Dr Ntshangase!!!

   Congratulations to Dr Mdanda!!!

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Prof Thavi Govender
Prof Gert Kruger  +27 31 260 1845
Prof Glenn Maguire  +27 31 260 1113
Prof Tricia Naicker  +27 31 260 8942
Dr Sooraj Baijnath  +27 31 260 1799

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